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Brexit and the Trump Revolution

How did we get here? The election of Donald Trump and the Brexit decision are monumental messages from the forgotten middle class to the out-of-touch Liberal elites of the world. In most western countries, the middle class largely feels that their elected leaders no longer represent them; many even feel like their leaders are working against them and their families.  This election was a repudiation of the Obama presidency, irresponsible open border policies, and one world-order elitism.  Both Brexit and Trump’s victories show that the silent majorities in both the US and Europe have said that they want their governments to focus on their own people not the people of the world. 

Going forward, look for Trump to work quickly on several key issues in order to show these voters that he actually cares about them.  Bad trade deals have decimated America’s rust belt.  The proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest trade deal in history and one that was adamantly opposed by working-class voters, is one of the first causalities of the Trump victory. More than any other, this issue propelled Trump to the Republican nomination and ultimately to the White House. President Trump will take a fresh pro-American look at all trade deals and alliances.  If other countries want to grow and prosper with the American people, they will find a friend in President Trump.

Next up on the chopping block is President Obama’s signature achievement: the monstrosity known as Obamacare. Unfortunately, Obamacare has been a failure by all measures.  Americans were promised that if they liked their doctors that they would be able to keep them, which was ultimately proven to be patently false. Americans were also assured savings of $2,500 per household, but instead were gifted with skyrocketing rate increases - over 100% increase in some markets, all while getting less care. Obamacare is emblematic of the massive failure of the governing elites.  Rest in Peace: Obamacare 2010 – 2016. 

Internationally, Trump will work to grow and restore old alliances between the United States and Western Europe. He rightfully sees the rise of ISIS and its ability to carry out attacks inside western countries as the most pressing issue facing the US both internationally and domestically.  He will want to build a strong coalition with Europe to defeat this existential threat.  Trump will also most likely dump Obama’s Iran Nuclear deal, as it is widely believed that preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear power is paramount to world safety and security.

Lastly, Trump will look to take the US back to the explosive growth of the 1980’s by instituting pro-growth tax policies that will lift the middle-class back to prosperity.  Promoting American jobs has been forgotten and proactively discouraged by the Obama economy.  Bringing working-class Americans back into the economy, rather than turning them into government dependents preferred by the Democratic machine, will help the country across the board.

Trump has inspired the American middle class in a way unseen since Ronald Reagan. Indeed, Trump’s policies will bring the return of Reagan’s America, one where the United States of America leads our citizens – all of them - and the world to be a better, safer, place.