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New Year, New Hope

We have just begun the new Congress and so far the GOP is crafting an agenda supported by at least a portion of the Democratic Caucus in both the House and Senate.  Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell have played this game for a long time; both of them are masters of the legislative process. If they continue along the current rhetorical path they maybe successful in framing President Obama as the "do nothing President". 

Take for example the Keystone XL pipeline. Most Americans support building the project. Especially working families who may benefit from the jobs created. Good, high-paying jobs. The President continues to be beholden to the extreme "environmental" left on this and many other agenda items (see the EPA). I put environmental in quotes because their argument on Keystone is really no longer an environmental based issue.  If the project gets built, Canadians say they will either go South to trade with us or West to trade with China.  The environmental impact is the same.  

The GOP has a huge opportunity to cultivate outreach to working families and steal them from the Democrats. It is getting harder and harder for these families to stick with a party that continues to choose the environmentalism over jobs.  If the GOP is successful messaging to these families we may see a shift in the 2016 electoral map with many industrial mid-west states open to going blue for the first time in since 1988.  

Lets hope that with the recent Nebraska court decision and several Democrat Senators siding with the GOP that we finally get the Keystone XL pipeline built.    

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