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President Obama's Plan for Combating ISIS/ISIL

The President will address Congress and the nation this week on his plan to combat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  He will lay out a three phase plan that includes: 1) Air Strikes against isis positions and troops in Iraq, 2) Training the Iraqi army to fight ISIS and take back territory, and 3) Air strikes in Syria.  

I hope and pray that the President is successful in his plan but respectfully offer this suggestion.  Secure the southern border.  ISIS has stated repeately their desire to attack this country inside our borders.  We must make sure they can't just walk in an be able to set up cells in the homeland.  It is in every interest that we know who is coming into our country.  

[This message was excerpted from a 9/9/14 radio interview Matt Keelen made throughout Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Michigan, Connecticut, Kentucky, Georgia, and Lousiana]