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  • A Different Kind of Drone Strike



    In the past decade, much has been said about the use of drone technology, particularly its use in combat. More recently, the filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., questioned privacy and other concerns as this technology is deployed domestically.

    As with many breakthrough technologies developed for and by the military, drones are now being repurposed for peaceful purposes.

  • Obama Should Pay His Fair Share

    President Obama, the architect of the “pay your fair share" movement, has been a sounding board for a more equitable federal tax code.  To make his case, the president often cites the situation of billionaire Warren Buffett, who pays a lower marginal rate than his secretary.     

    Without actually proposing a comprehensive overhaul plan, the president has been consistent in his desire for the wealthiest to pay more in taxes to help balance the budget and pay for government services.

  • Thatcher’s Legacy Should Serve as a Model for Recovery

    This week, the world marks the passage of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. 

    During her 11 year reign, Ms. Thatcher led her nation with a strong will and a list of core convictions that brought her as many admirers as detractors. 

  • Southwest Airlines Pilots Host Congressman Lipinski

    CHICAGO, April 5, 2013 - The Southwest Airlines Pilots' Association (SWAPA) announced that representatives from the union provided Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-IL) with a comprehensive tour of Southwest facilities at Midway International Airport today. 

    Lipinski, a senior member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and member of the Aviation Subcommittee, represents the Third Congressional District of Illinois, which includes Midway Airport, Chicago's Southwest Side and south and southwestern suburbs.  

  • New Pope, same priorities

    A recent story by Tim Wall, a contributing writer to the, titled “Is the New Pope Green?”[i] examines behaviors and statements the new pontiff has made leading many to believe the Pope will be a powerful advocate for environmental causes.

    As an observant Catholic who has spent time on sustainability and alternative energy causes, I’m happy to see kudos offered to the leader of my church, particularly with regard to these issues.

  • A Renewed Effort to Stop the Slaughter of American Horses

    Kudos to our client, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) on their effort to stop the senseless slaughter of American Horses.  The HSUS recently convened a bi-partisan, bi-cameral group of lawmakers, veterinarians, and equine groups to show their support for legislation banning the slaughter and export of American horses for human consumption.

    The bill comes on the heels of a horsemeat scandal in Europe, which is a main market for tens of thousands of American horses killed and butchered every year and shipped overseas to foreign consumers.

  • The ‘Party of No’ should say ‘Yes’ to Hagel

    By Matt Keelen and Bud DeFlaviis

    As President Obama begins his second term, and his agenda for the next four years begins to unfold, the men and women who make up his cabinet will have the unenviable task of running a massive agency in the face of falling budgets, and increased Congressional scrutiny.

  • 2012: Republicans offer the opportunity for change

    By Matt Keelen and Bud DeFlaviis

    In 2008, then-Senator Barak Obama ran as a self-proclaimed candidate of change. A mantra of ‘hope’ and promise of fresh leadership in Washington was understandably appealing for voters hungry for a new direction. His inspiring words gave Americans reason to believe that a new political era was about to emerge based on sober analysis and mutual cooperation.